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The hottest shows in Reality TV today are born from the unique lives, professions, and passions of real people. CastMyReality.com is the television industry's marketplace where top Reality TV Producers, Network Executives, Casting Professionals, Production Executives, and Agents scout real people whose lives, skills, or professions can be cast and produced as new Reality TV programs, or for any existing reality shows they may be casting. Producers and Casting Executives are also seeking "Experts" of specific professions and subjects to be cast in factual-based reality television, news programs, and other media. We bring your reality to Television.

YOUR LIFE ON TV - Is your lifestyle, business, family or hobby interesting enough for TV? We're your direct connection to the Industry's top Producers and Executives who can cast you on Reality TV.  Producers and Casting Executives are casting people of unique lifestyles and professions to build shows around. Submit Your Casting Registration for review by Producers developing new reality shows based on the lives of real people like you.

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