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My name is Steve Santini, and my unique professional expertise and passions brought my life to Reality Television. At a very young age I became interested in the late, great Harry Houdini, and this fascination eventually led me to become a professional escape artist. During the span of my career I have toured the world presenting numerous intense and hair raising escapes. In fact, so dangerous were the escapes I performed, the legendary "Ripley’s Believe It Or Not!" awarded me the official title of, “The World’s Most Extreme Escape Artist.” 

Being a professional performing escape artist led me to other avenues of interest that were associated with my unique trade. In short order I became a master locksmith, a collector and historian of all manner of restraints and judicial relics, a consultant to museums, film and television projects, and an advisor to law enforcement professionals. Looking back, it is no surprise that I eventually ended up with my own television show!

In my case, my character, or persona, was a perfect fit for reality television. I had a unique appearance, a variety of compelling talents, and a desire to showcase each and every one of them. These are the sorts of things the television industry is always hunting high and low for. Reality based television revolves around strong characters with interesting lives, passions, and occupations. That special person with a unique “look” or personality who has a compelling job or trade and who really comes across as an individual we all want to know more about. What makes them tick? How did they choose the life path they are now on? In short, interesting souls who are really into what they do. People who dare to live fascinating lives!

And best of all, you do not have to be as “extreme” as I am to appeal to the reality television industry. Perhaps you are an expert in your field, trade, or unique occupation. This is also a great “fit” because the industry is always scouting for professional “experts” to appear on camera to lend knowledgeable opinions to compliment a production. Mainstream professionals and ordinary folks who have a story to tell are also highly sought after.

Speaking from personal experience, I have found that the benefits and rewards of appearing on television in either your own show or another production can be very great indeed. There is often spin off work in your chosen trade or profession, offers to appear in other productions, and an exposure to millions of people both in your own country and possibly worldwide. is a groundbreaking data base and research tool for industry professionals looking for people just like YOU. Within this site, all of the tools you need to be discovered for reality T.V. and work in the industry are right at your fingertips. Whether you hope to be the star and focus of your own T.V. show, be cast in a supporting role as an “Expert” in an existing show, or offer a location or prop for filming, is the most effective and cost efficient way to launch yourself into the television industry!


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